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Tahoe Retreat for UFO’s May 24, 2009

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Have you every spent 4.5 days at a quilting retreat with your small group of super good friends?  What fun we had.  We rented a house at Tahoe from Monday to Friday – there were 11 of us with sewing machines and all the stuff that goes with quilters.  Caravan of 4  SUV’s and a truck with tables, chairs, lights ironing board and good food.  Excellent views of the lake and mountains, lots of laughing, cocktail time, good walks on the mountain and the shoreline, exchanged tips, quilt shop support mode etc.

Many UFO’s were finished and one UFO started for another time.  Try it – you’ll love it.  All came home relaxed and ready to begin more UFO’s for next year.

I did hand work to finish several pieces for an upcoming September show and did a big shirt for a class I’m teaching and almost finished a coat.


2 Responses to “Tahoe Retreat for UFO’s”

  1. Jean Ann Says:

    What an amazing time with diverse women, all of whom are giving, caring people. Learning about each was an enlightening experience, one which I will always cherish. Next year can only be better!

  2. Bev Says:

    It was a special time with very special friends.

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