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A day at home May 31, 2015

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First with the help of my personal IT person I discovered I had the cutter blade upside down in the Cameo,  Worked great after a bit of tweaking and turning the cutter.  I did not secure the misty fuse tight enough to the fabric –  watching it cut was interesting and of course it stuck to the mat.  But here it is “MAIDEN CUT”


On to the onions.  Used a little less then a half yard by 45″ of cotton and sprayed with vinegar, added onions to 1/2 then folded the other end over and sprayed again.  Rolled it tight and secured then steamed for 1 hour 20 minutes,  Then wash out and dried.  Pressed and the iron spit out water which changed the color where the water landed.  Have not rewashed but will then see if changes again..



Master Class January 2015- Value Study January 25, 2015

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I just posted my final picture of the January lesson for the teacher to evaluate.  The first picture is of the original photo I took while in Sicily.  Roman ruins looking through the arch of the tunnel.  2nd is sketch on tracing paper, the 3rd photo is the mockup in hand dyed fabrics and the 4th is the final.  You will find two finals.

The teacher suggested placing the floating rock behind the other rocks and trees and by adding a sliver of dark made the rock recess.  Also suggested that the third black square be removed and that the quilting in the sky was overpowering.  I realized while working through this blog and our class blog that the squares are actually part of the end on the tunnel with the arch so need to add a bit of black to bring them down to earth.

.                                           master class

janSWsketch1 janSWmockup1

Sketch on tracing paper                                     Mock up of the hand dyed fabrics

janSWfinal1 janSWfinal2

1st final Heavy quilting in the sky                               2nd final replaced the quilting in the sky


Class with Elizabeth Barton April 2, 2014

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This is an online class on designing.  I normally work free drawing and very random but this class has made me slow down and plan .. Taking a picture from our Alaska trip I decided to sketch a portion of the village and the river (drawing is not my thing) with input from Elizabeth I cropped several times then started sketching again. Below is the original, the first sketch, the final crop and the new village.  Piece is in progress as you see – Since I do not need to follow THE picture I will have more freedom in what I design.  This works well for me since I try not to have to match point.

This has been a good learning experience for me as I usually spend a lot of time putting fabric in and out of the piece so planning better in the beginning will cut down the wasting of fabric.

Original Photo

Original Photo


1st Sketch

1st Sketch

Final Crop

Final Crop

In Progress

In Progress