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Snow Dyeing February 23, 2011

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Gave snow dyeing another try.  The snow was frozen so had to take a hammer to it to get smaller pieces to put on the fabric.  I was not able  to put the container in a warm spot because of the lack of drainage in a warm area so the whole dyeing process took place in 30 degrees or less until the fabric came out of the snow and dye mixture.  I then put it in a small bucket and wrapped the fabric with plastic and put it on the hearth to warm for a while.   The two fabrics were done one on top of the other.   I used Ultra Violet and Yellow on cotten and a piece of tiny gathered silk.  The difference  in color is amazing.                           

                                                                                                                Picture below is 100% cotton

                                                                                           Picture above in the silk


February 18, 2011 February 18, 2011

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Want to share the wonderful snow flakes from our deck –  we ended up with 12″ so will be sitting on top of our hill for a couple of days.. makes for days of sewing now that the power is back on.

Opened the lense on the camera and got the size of the flakes – then a bit of light appeared and showed across the canyon to the other county.



This is a Quilt

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What fun it is to play in the world of fabric and fibers of other products.  I had painted Lutadur with acrycles then put it away, while looking for an interesting product to do this small piece with I came acrossed the Lutradur – deciding where to lay the 8″ opening I found the mountains, valley and sky – added needle felting and beading. Light batt and silk orgaanza for the back.   Had fun.

                                                                                                                             10″ x 10″