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New Year 2011 January 29, 2011

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The new year just appeared in my life – OK where did 2010 go.  Looking back I see my good intentions to work daily in the studio, play more golf and budget my time better didn’t work well so I’m not going to plan this year- new approach “just do it”.   With that said—–

I have some new wall pieces and garments to start the year off with – must have 10 garments for the PIQF fashion show in October – 4 new pieces for the Textiles and Tastings 2011 show at the Shenandoah Vineyards.  Living in the mountains in Northern CA has been glorious with all the sun while the valley below is covered in fog.  Looking over the top of the fog you feel that you could bounce across the top of the world on marshmallows.

Cascading Streams 20.5 x 18 - 2010

                      Cascading Streams – Hand Dyed Cotton – Painted – Beaded – Machine Pieced and Quilted

Maze I - 24 x 24

                  Torn Cotton and Polished Cotton – Machine Pieced and Quilted – Paints Added at the End 


Heading Upstream OOPs - 22 x 38 - 2010

                                        Hand Dyed Cotton, Hopsacking and commercial – Painted Fish then
                                                                   Stamped – Beading and Yarns for Underwater.

Watching You - 34 x 17 - 2010

                            Cotton – Machine Pieced and Quilted – Metallic Thread for Thread Play – Beading