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Artist working in Fibers and Textiles – located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

I Have been accepted into the Sutter Creek Gallery in Sutter Creek, CA April 20, 2017

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Come and join the 1st Saturday Art Trek Walk in Sutter Creek (Amador County) there are many galleries in our county with many beautiful pieces of art.  This will be my first showing in the gallery and I am excited.  Good food in the area, B and B’s and many motels.  Wine country also with award winning wines.


Inferno 2017



Cascading Streams 20.5 x 18

More to come


Just A Few Pictures January 8, 2012

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   Iguassu Falls, Brazilian Side – Power of Nature

December 2011

                                                  Statue on the mountain Rio,Brazil Amazing Site

5 to 6 Foot Lilly Pads on a Lake fed by the Amazon River.  Beautiful

                                                                                                                            Liquid Amber – Jackson, CA – The red was Outstanding

                                          Fire and Ice – Small Group Challange – Hand Dyed Cottons

Class Project with Rosalie Dace – Great Fun – Great Teacher


New Year 2011 January 29, 2011

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The new year just appeared in my life – OK where did 2010 go.  Looking back I see my good intentions to work daily in the studio, play more golf and budget my time better didn’t work well so I’m not going to plan this year- new approach “just do it”.   With that said—–

I have some new wall pieces and garments to start the year off with – must have 10 garments for the PIQF fashion show in October – 4 new pieces for the Textiles and Tastings 2011 show at the Shenandoah Vineyards.  Living in the mountains in Northern CA has been glorious with all the sun while the valley below is covered in fog.  Looking over the top of the fog you feel that you could bounce across the top of the world on marshmallows.

Cascading Streams 20.5 x 18 - 2010

                      Cascading Streams – Hand Dyed Cotton – Painted – Beaded – Machine Pieced and Quilted

Maze I - 24 x 24

                  Torn Cotton and Polished Cotton – Machine Pieced and Quilted – Paints Added at the End 


Heading Upstream OOPs - 22 x 38 - 2010

                                        Hand Dyed Cotton, Hopsacking and commercial – Painted Fish then
                                                                   Stamped – Beading and Yarns for Underwater.

Watching You - 34 x 17 - 2010

                            Cotton – Machine Pieced and Quilted – Metallic Thread for Thread Play – Beading 

SAQA 12″ Square Auction February 17, 2009

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Living in California – the land of the sun – it has been snowing since Tuesday night (now it is Tuesday of the following week).  I realize for many this is nothing but for Californians it can be really messy.  BUT I have been working on some of my hand dyed fabrics and adding additional surface design work.  I finished a number of pieces that are ready for stitching but wanted to share the one for SAQA’s auction.  It was dyed, several colors of paint were stamped on it – then I used the brayer, blue and green metallic paints.12in1  I received a great fabric post card today that had been snow dyed – so since I have snow I shall try some of that.















                                                                                                                                                 These are Post Cards that I did and sent off today     rd8pc

Thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures of our snow.  I was impress with the flakes that our new camera captured.  The other is looking down our driveway.

flakes1The one below is a few days earlier and I caught the sun for a short moment.



Merry Christmas December 24, 2008

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Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.  Have been enjoying the off and on snow in our mountains for the last 2 week but do hope to be able to get the our daughters for Christmas.  I plan to do better keeping my blog update in 2009 – I have backed out of many things this years and plan to devote more time to the art.  I have been spending time playing with surface design and plan to do more Shibori this year.

This is my 2008 Bernina Fashion Garment – It is made of black, fushia, gold and hand dyed silks.  Metallic threads, gold beads and crystals.  The pattern for the leaves came from my oak trees.  I enjoyed working on it and was thrilled to see it on the runway  in Houston.

              Old and New - California Gold - Priceless  

                                 Old and New – California Gold – Priceless

 I have also been working with Lutador and making Bark post cards.  It was painted with a number of transparent paints then sprayed with gold glitter- when dry I used the heat gun and burned holes in the base fabric.  Stitched yarn and then stitched rows of thread to show knot holes in the bark.

bark2            lfinished1                                           

Enjoy it is fun to let go and play.



Welcome October 28, 2007

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Welcome to my world – it consists of husband, daughters, grandchildren, one 10 month old Golden Retriever named Isabella, traveling and golf.  My passion is hand dyeing fabrics, art quilts and art garments.  I love color and random piecing – I like to see a design develop as I sew and cut – I also like the raw edge applique using free form method and finding fun things to use in or on the fabric.  My latest piece has deer fencing incorporated into it.  I use beads, leather, silks, cotton plus other good thing.

 Living in the mountains in Northern California offer a lot of inspiration and sometimes gives a challenge as to how to give the impression of what my mind sees.  Here is one of my new pieces.


Glorious Seasons in 26″ x 29″ and is made using the raw edge method.  I used beads, mostly hand dyed cottons, leather and black canvas.  It traveled to Finland for a gallery show in June and had to fit into a 27″x18″ suitcase and could only be folded once.  It presently is hanging in a gallery in a local winery.

Have a couple of new pieces but need to take pictures so will add more soon.  Bye for now.  Sandy