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Happy New Year January 3, 2010

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Time to organize for a new year.  Studio is almost clean – jacket and coat almost done.  Cleaned out some of my quilting magazines and decided to drop 2 of them (the county Library was happy to have the free bin filled up with 2 good size boxes of magazines.  On to other things.

I have been making Shobori Pole Dyed silk, silk chiffon and wool-silk scarves – gave a number of them as Christmas gifts but love the process and the unexpected results.  Colors and patterns are always such a surprise.  The process is easy but does take time and in the cold winters I have to cure them upstairs in the diningroom – the dog loves checking out all the plastic garbage bags.

The scarf  on the left is done with rust dye and the fabric took grey and  red brown – 14″x70″.            The blue scarf was done with a basic blue and is 36:x36″.    Both were folded, stitched and wrapped on the pole then dye painted.        

I plan to spend more time in the studio this year and produce a couple of ideas that have been sitting around in my head. 

We had a great snow storm that put us on the top of our hill for 3 days before we could get out but on the day without power cleaned out closets and bag up for hospice so it was not a fully wasted 15 hours.  It stayed around 21 degrees which in California is cold.

Go forth and be creative and HAVE FUN.    Sandy