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Artist working in Fibers and Textiles – located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

I Have been accepted into the Sutter Creek Gallery in Sutter Creek, CA April 20, 2017

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Come and join the 1st Saturday Art Trek Walk in Sutter Creek (Amador County) there are many galleries in our county with many beautiful pieces of art.  This will be my first showing in the gallery and I am excited.  Good food in the area, B and B’s and many motels.  Wine country also with award winning wines.


Inferno 2017



Cascading Streams 20.5 x 18

More to come


PIQF October 26, 2014

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I have recovered from the excitement of PIQF and ready for Houston. Class materials ready, suitcase packed, Tuesday’s the day for travel. I took a few pictures as I was putting garments away, thought I would post a couple here.







New Look September 19, 2014

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I am in the process of updating my blog with the hopes that I keep it current.  It is a learning experiences.


Color Value April 10, 2014

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Interesting Color Value dye study that I did.  Using Jet Black dye from Dharma and not stirring(I like the molted look) the colors that they used to produce the Jet Black had a lot of lavender in it – so as I’m pressing the fabric you find a lavender/grey change thus the value change of the layers is somewhat hard to find.  I am going to do it over tomorrow using New Black from Dharma – do it baggies and place in a warm water bath to hold the temperature above 70 degrees.  Here in the mountains we are still cooling down in the evening and studio is on the lower floor.  Hope for better results tomorrow.

Black value color Study

Black value color Study


Just A Few Pictures January 8, 2012

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   Iguassu Falls, Brazilian Side – Power of Nature

December 2011

                                                  Statue on the mountain Rio,Brazil Amazing Site

5 to 6 Foot Lilly Pads on a Lake fed by the Amazon River.  Beautiful

                                                                                                                            Liquid Amber – Jackson, CA – The red was Outstanding

                                          Fire and Ice – Small Group Challange – Hand Dyed Cottons

Class Project with Rosalie Dace – Great Fun – Great Teacher


Welcome to 2012

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Hope all are well in this new year I have been ill since the new year started hoping for a better time soon. Toward the end of the 2011 I had the chance to have a wall piece critiqued by Sandra Sider. Fire and Wind (courtesy of Sandra) needed some tweaking – that done – I have put a picture up. It is not quilted yet but is soon to be.  It was done by freeform drawing – cutting the pieces – stitching and raw edge applique.

Fire and Wind                                                                                                      River Running


Snow Dyeing February 23, 2011

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Gave snow dyeing another try.  The snow was frozen so had to take a hammer to it to get smaller pieces to put on the fabric.  I was not able  to put the container in a warm spot because of the lack of drainage in a warm area so the whole dyeing process took place in 30 degrees or less until the fabric came out of the snow and dye mixture.  I then put it in a small bucket and wrapped the fabric with plastic and put it on the hearth to warm for a while.   The two fabrics were done one on top of the other.   I used Ultra Violet and Yellow on cotten and a piece of tiny gathered silk.  The difference  in color is amazing.                           

                                                                                                                Picture below is 100% cotton

                                                                                           Picture above in the silk